1. Ability to get dressed in zero-to-no time… holla for quick changes!


2. The power of multi-tasking! The Dance Gods have blessed us with the ability to remember multiple dances at once, adapt to last minute changes and improvising… literally!

3. The feeling of seeing your hard work pay off.

4. Because you are ALWAYS prepared… “need an extra bobby pin, got it!”

5. Finally nailing that tough combo in class.

6. The amazing and life-long friendships dance has brought you… Dance friends are your best friends!

7. Remembering choreo from years ago that you can still do perfectly… “5,6,7,8!”

8. The moment we all strive for in class that makes your teacher say “YAAASSSS!”

9. The wonderful adrenaline you feel performing.

10. And last but not least, being thankful for a lifelong passion and an opportunity to have an escape for the soul.

These are 10 of the many reasons we are forever grateful to you dance!